v1.2.0: Quality of Life update!

Balance updates, fixes and quality of life changes!


  • Start game in full-screen by default (on first run)
  • Repair pickups spawn slightly more often
  • Cobra ship starts with Bomb-bot in Novice mode (instead of Repair-bot)
  • Bomb-bot now only triggers at 1 health remaining
  • Repair-bot triggers at end of level, rather than beginning of level
  • Buff 3-way weapon
  • New Difficulty (Rank) graph to show dynamic difficulty
  • Fix upgraded Flamer motion at level higher than 1
  • Fix [REDACTED]'s final attack blocking some shots unintentionally


Operation STEEL for Windows v1.2.0 171 MB
Jul 27, 2022
Operation STEEL for Linux v1.2.0 172 MB
Jul 27, 2022
Operation STEEL for Mac v1.2.0 184 MB
Jul 27, 2022

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