• Weapons are now always dropped in level 1 and not afterwards (still offered in shops though)
  • Hard mode "item drop not spawning in level 1" modifier replaced with "faster enemy bullets"
  • Hard mode enemy health increases significantly reduced (less Euro...)
  • More points are awarded on hard mode per modifier added
  • Flamerthrower has significantly larger range 
  • Repairbot now heals either when the boss dies or at end of level (so you don't need to think about whether you need additional heal)
  • Option no longer makes a firing sound
  • Devastator fire rate and rocket speed increased
  • Score/armour HUD fades out faster when moving over it


Operation STEEL for Windows v1.4.1 172 MB
Oct 14, 2022
Operation STEEL for Linux v1.4.1 174 MB
Oct 14, 2022
Operation STEEL for Mac v1.4.1 186 MB
Oct 14, 2022

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