• Pods now lock when firing
  • Bombbot provides autobomb
  • Dash doesn't go on cooldown if used while not moving
  • Speed Up cost reduced
  • Shotgun and Blade weapons buffed
  • Lava bullets more visible
  • Armour changes colour when Shield is active
  • Fix dim level interations with fire background
  • Fire level optimisations
  • Fix Escape from entering Seed taking you to wrong menu
  • Fix Time Attack bosses having more health than intended
  • Adjust/fix boss health scaling (thanks 4[v4[/V5!5)

Coming soon(ish):

  • More accessibility options for photo-sensitivity


Operation STEEL for Windows v1.0.7b 171 MB
Feb 07, 2022
Operation STEEL for Linux v1.0.7b 172 MB
Feb 07, 2022
Operation STEEL for Mac v1.0.7b 184 MB
Feb 08, 2022

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